About Us

We are a Game Studio, Consulting and Development company lead by game industry veteran William Volk. William has decades of experience in the video game industry. With VP and C-Level experience at game companies including Activision, Lightspan, MyNuMo, PlayScreen and Bonus Mobile I can help you avoid the mistakes others have made. Recent projects include "The Climate Trail" (featured on The Weather Channel) and the upcoming mobile game WordTopics. Previous projects include "The Return To Zork," "The Dozens," iWhack, "Word Carnivale," and "Impossible Hex."

What we do:

Consulting: Is your game idea marketable? Do you have the right technical strategy to succeed? How do you move your company forward? - I've led companies to successful exits (Sale of MyNuMo, IPO of Lightspan), played a major role in turnarounds (Activision, Lightspan), got companies funded (Bonus Mobile, MyNuMo) and negotiated development and publishing deals.

Design: I've designed successful mobile and computer games. From the early days at Avalon Hill, to the widely acclaimed The Climate Trail.

Marketing: Strategy, App Store Optimization, advertising, brand management.

Project Management: Former VP of Technology at Activision, management of the development teams at Lightspan, currently producing mobile games for a major publisher.


What people are saying:

“If I ever have a need for a senior executive with exceptional technical knowledge and skills I would only need to make one phone call; to William Volk.” - Dr. Barry Sandrew, PhD, founder Legend Films and Legend 3D

"I would like to recommend a colleague from the Lightspan days. His name is Bill Volk with MyNuMo ... Bill is an accomplished technology person who was instrumental in moving Lightspan’s software from the cable set-top box to the Sony Playstation at a time when there was no operating system or software applications on the Playstation for full motion video or sound." - Carl Zeiger, President, Lightspan